An initiative by Aussie Farms and Animal Liberation ACT

About the Campaign

The past, present and future of our campaign against the Australian pig farming industry.

What's done in the dark will be brought to the light.

In May-July 2012, activists from Animal Liberation ACT & NSW installed cameras and documented cruelty in Wally's Piggery NSW, just a short drive from Canberra.

The cameras were first placed in the farrowing crate shed, and then one night the slaughter room was found because the light had been left on, with a wheelbarrow of pig remains sitting out in the open and overflowing onto the floor; so the cameras were then removed from the farrowing crates and placed in the slaughter room. Wally only killed on Fridays, and after the first lot of footage was retrieved it became clear that the cameras needed to be repositioned in order to get clear evidence of what he was doing. When this evidence was finally obtained, the cameras were pulled out, and the activists rushed to analyse and compile the footage in order to take it to the authorities; no small job considering the lack of resources available to the activists and the hindrance of fulltime work or studies. It is not the job of Animal Liberation activists to monitor and regulate the industry's policies.

On Friday 3 August 2012, a few days after being sent the evidence, these authorities (the RSPCA, NSW Police, and the Department of Primary Industries) raided Wally's Piggery, however it was made clear that Wally had somehow been tipped off and sent a link to the footage, giving him enough time to clean up the worst of it.

That evening, the campaign was officially launched, with the visual evidence sent to the media. In frantic damage control mode, the industry tried to claim that Wally's was a one-off, a "rogue operator" - so the activists collected and published footage from two other NSW piggeries where many of the same problems existed.

The RSPCA asked Animal Liberation for the activists involved in obtaining the evidence to provide witness statements. These statements were prepared and offered to the RSPCA on the condition that they simply make an effort to seek indemnity for those activists, as the RSPCA were providing no assurances that they would follow through with a prosecution against Wally, potentially leaving the activists open to facing criminal charges or violent reprisal from Wally while he walked free. The RSPCA refused to seek this indemnity and instead eventually chose to lay charges based on their own findings at the piggery, the day before the statute of limitations on their evidence was due to expire, and only after receiving a phone call from Animal Liberation NSW pressuring them to undertake a prosecution.

Activists returned in November 2012 to find that although the farrowing crates were now empty and there was no breeding occuring on-site, Wally was still brutally slaughtering his own pigs, as evidenced by fresh blood on the floor and walls of the slaughter room and a severed pig's head left underneath a chair.

Since the initial exposé, Animal Liberation activists started to visit more and more piggeries in order to highlight the true nature of the Australian pig farming industry. At the end of May 2013, they were able to confirm that both of Wally's piggeries (the second being Tennessee/Moneta Piggery in Young) were empty and no longer in business, releasing at the same time harrowing footage from Lansdowne Piggery in Young.

This is only the beginning - there is much more to come.