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Directory of Australian Pig Farms (452)

Please note that while we try to keep this list accurate and up-to-date, it is not a comprehensive list and does not yet include all facilities across Australia.

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NSW (93)

Allain's Piggery (Closed) Unnamed Road, Blakney Creek (map) (02) 6227 3110
Antonijevic P Cowpasture Road, Leppington (map)
Avalon Park Piggery Langunya Road, Tocumwal (map)
Aztec Farms Pty Ltd Billings Road, Myall Park (map)
Baconett Piggery (Closed) Macquarie View Road, Narromine (map)
Balpool Station Piggery Unnamed Road, Niemur (map) (02) 6033 8349
Bellevue Piggery Wests Lane, Bribbaree (map)
Beulah Piggery (Closed) Lachlan Valley Way, Cowra (map)
Beulah Piggery Grower Module (Closed) Unnamed Road, Cowra (map)
Birchfield Piggery Fitzpatrick Rd, Womboota NSW 2731, Australia (map)
Boen Boe Stud Piggery Joadja Road, Joadja (map) (02) 4878 5175
Booligal Piggery (Closed) Midgen Flat Road, Newrybar (map)
Boxgum Grazing Murringo Flats Road, Murringo (map)
Bringelly Bacon Co 171 Bringelly Rd, Austral/Leppington (map)
Broundah Piggery Sextonville Road, Dobies Bight (map)
Bungowannah Piggery Riverina Highway, Bungowannah (map) (02) 6033 8349
Butherwah Urana Piggery Unnamed Road, Urana (map)
Cauchi A & T South Street, Marsden Park (map)
Cobramvale Piggery Unnamed Road, Bunnaloo (map)
Corowa Piggery & Abattoir Redlands Road, Corowa NSW (map) (02) 6033 8333
Crystal Park Stud Jacksons Flat Road, Jacksons Flat (map)
Culcairn Piggery Jobsons Road, Culcairn (map)
Cumbijowa Piggery 683 New Grenfell Road, Cumbijowa NSW (map)
Dannabar Piggery Danabar Road, Dunedoo (map)
Dave Mason - Free Range Piggery South Arm Road, South Arm (map)
Dead Horse Gully (DHG) Piggery Unnamed Road, Young (map)
Decommissioned Piggery (Closed) Unnamed Road, Gineroi (map)
Deni Piggery Riverina Highway, Deniliquin (map)
Eltham Piggery (Closed) Unnamed Road, Red Range (map)
Equity Park Berrigan Piggery Piney Road, Berrigan (map)
Free Range Pig Farm Jugiong Road, Cootamundra (map)
George Borg Piggery 66-104 Burley Rd, Horsley Park (map) (02) 9620 1364
Golden Grove Piggery Unnamed Road, Young (map) (02) 6384 6207
Greendale Piggery (Closed) Murringo Road, Young (map)
Grong Grong Piggery Unnamed Road, Grong Grong (map) (02) 6956 2105
Heather Brae Piggery Hoffmans Road, Manildra (map)
Hogalot Piggery, Aka Claremont Cruickshanks Road, Berrigan (map)
Hopefield Piggery Hopefield Road, Hopefield (map)
Inglegreen Piggery (Closed) Culgoora Road, Narrabri (map)
Kaloola Piggery Kaloola Lane, Bedgerabong (map)
Kangaroobie Piggery Mitchell Highway, Orange Region (map)
Kardinia Piggery Balldale-Coreen Road, Coreen (map)
Katella Piggery (Closed) Newell Highway, Tomingley (map)
Kelton Farm Piggery (Closed) Unnamed Road, Mole River (map)
Khartoum Piggery (Closed) Unnamed Road, Bimbi (map)
Kindamindi Piggery GREENTHORPE Road, Koorawatha (map)
Koorani Piggery Unnamed Road, Kikiamah (map)
Lansdowne Piggery Old Forbes Road, Young NSW (map) (02) 6383 4206
Lynton Piggery Langunya Road, Finley (map)
Melanda Park Free Range Pork Stones Road, Ebenezer (map)
Moore Park Piggery Howards Road, Reefton (map) (02) 6033 8349
Parkville Piggery (Closed) Alfred Brown Lane, Parkville (map)
Pine Park Piggery Unnamed Road, Temora (map)
Possibly 'Maccas Piggery' Chinamans Road, Tocumwal (map)
Possibly 'Mid West Piggery' Dwyers Road, Parkes (map)
Possibly 'Stirling Piggery' Bywong Road, Cumnock (map)
Possibly 'Stirling Piggery' (Closed) CLOSED Road, Walmer (map)
Possibly 'Wangamong Piggery' Daysdale Road, Berrigan (map)
Possibly 'Wongalea Piggery 2' Narrow Plains Road, Daysdale (map)
Redlands Piggery (Closed) Rhodes Road, Young (map)
Selko Piggery Mandalay Rd / Racecourse Rd, Narrandera NSW 2700 (map) (02) 6959 9444
Signium Piggery Mooneys Lane, Ellangowan (map)
Springview Piggery Lock Lomond Road, Gooloogong (map)
Strathmore Piggery McColls Road, Koorawatha (map)
Strathvean Piggery Mate Street, Tarcutta (map) 02 6928 7270
Templemore Piggery Unnamed Road, Murringo (map)
Tennessee Piggery (Closed) Kingsvale Road, Kingsvale (map)
Unknown Malone Lane, South Gundurimba (map)
Unknown The Escort Way, Boree (map)
Unknown Grower Piggery Lucelle Road, Rennie (map)
Unknown Grower Piggery Ringwood Road, Rennie (map)
Unknown Grower Piggery Kolkilbertoo Road, Weethalle (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Nombi (map)
Unknown Piggery Old Forbes Road, Kikiamah (map)
Unknown Piggery Bundawarrah Road, Temora (map)
Unknown Piggery Oivi Lane, Wantabadgery (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Milbrulong (map)
Unknown Piggery Ballards Road, Thuddungra (map)
Unknown Piggery South Street, Marsden Park (map)
Unknown Piggery Gonn Road, Barham (map)
Unknown Piggery Cobb Highway, Pretty Pine (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Coreen (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Teridgerie (map)
Unknown Piggery Pinehurst Road, Mendooran (map)
Unknown Piggery Bartons Lane, Duri (map)
Unknown Piggery Claremont Road, Cowra (map)
Unknown Piggery Hambledon Road, Schofields (map)
Unknown Piggery - Possibly 'Lansdowne West' Growers Vests Lane, Kikiamah (map)
Unknown Piggery? Newell Highway, Grong Grong (map)
Unnamed Piggery 1036 Mountain Top rd Nimbin (map)
Wally's Piggery (Closed) Unnamed Road, Jeir (map)
Willawa Piggery Lismoyle Road, Grong Grong (map)
Wonga Piggery Moppity Road, Young (map) (02) 6382 1311

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VIC (137)

AJ & NM Carr Partnership Chalkleys Road, Bagshot North (map) (02) 6033 8248
Azzopardi / Bulla Piggery Blackwells Lane, Bulla (map)
Bears Lagoon Piggery (Growers) LOT 93A Perrys Rd, Bears Lagoon VIC 3517, Australia (map)
Bears Lagoon Piggery (Weaners) Dalziels Road, Bears Lagoon (map)
Berrybank Piggery Hendersons Road, Windermere (map)
Berrybank's Grower Facility Coopers Road, Meredith (map)
Birchip Pork Producers Proprietary Limited Englishs Road, Watchem (map)
Blackwoods Piggery Bayleys Road, Trafalgar (map)
BT Cole & PM Cole & WG Cole F Rinaldis Road, Logan (map) (02) 6285 2200
Buckworth Reedy Lake Reedy Lake Road, Bailieston (map) 0427 503 450
Camlarni Pty Ltd Ansetts Road, Leitchville (map)
CK Hill & Sons Piggery Hills Lane, Corryong (map)
Dc & S Miles Pty Ltd Booths Road, Kotupna (map)
Diamond Creek Piggery Broad Gully Road, Diamond Creek (map)
Drylands Farming (free Range Piggery) Sharkey/Agars Roads, Balliang East, 3340 (map)
Eastwind Rare Breeds Farm Coopers Road, Macclesfield (map)
Euroa Piggery Site 1 Drysdale Road, Euroa (map)
Euroa Piggery Site 2 Drysdale Road, Euroa (map)
Girgarre Piggery Unnamed Road, Kyabram (map)
Gre Gre Piggery - Module 1 Baldwin Plains Road, Gre Gre South (map)
Gre Gre Piggery - Module 2 Carrols Bridge Road, Gre Gre South (map)
Gre Gre Piggery - Module 3 Carrols Bridge Road, Gre Gre South (map)
Gre Gre Piggery - Module 4 Unnamed Road, Gre Gre South (map)
Gre Gre Piggery - Module 5 Shields Road, Gre Gre South (map)
Griffiths Farms Pty Ltd Flannerys Road, McMillans (map)
Huntly Farm Unit 6 Goodings Rd, Bagshot North VIC 3551, Australia (map)
Huntly Piggery Bendigo-Tennyson Road, Huntly North (map) (03) 5448 8422
Huntly Piggery Module Bendigo-Tennyson Road, Huntly North (map)
Huntly Piggery Module Bendigo-Tennyson Road, Huntly North (map)
Huntly Piggery Module Bendigo-Tennyson Road, Huntly North (map)
Huntly Piggery Module Bendigo-Tennyson Road, Huntly (map)
James Knight Piggery Meredith-Shelford Road, Shelford (map)
K & W Piggery Pty Ltd Murray Valley Highway, Leitchville (map)
K D Wood & Sons Pty Ltd Donald-Laen Road, Laen (map) (02) 6033 8248
Kendux Investments Piggery Baldwin Road, Harston (map)
Kia-Ora Piggery Yarrawalla West Road, Yarrawalla (map)
Kia-Ora Piggery Back Sheds Yarrawalla West Road, Yarrawalla (map)
Lewis P D & L H Gunns Road, Kirkstall (map)
Lynbardeen & Co Pty Ltd Watchem West School Road, Watchem West (map)
Mac Piggeries White Elephant Road, Quambatook (map)
Macorna Piggery Unnamed Road, Macorna (map)
Markanda Pty Ltd Trevaskis Road, Wyuna East (map)
McIvor Farm Lancefield-Tooborac Road, Tooborac (map)
Midland Bacon Robertson Road, Carag Carag (map)
Murray Free Range Pigs Davis Lane, Strathmerton (map)
Oakvale Piggery Hosking Road, Oakvale (map)
Otway Pork Unnamed Road, Winchelsea (map)
Otway Pork - Free Range Charam-Wombelano Road, Edenhope (map)
Otway Pork Farm L Fithalls Road, Moolerr (map)
Patho Piggery Patho Station Road, Patho (map) (03) 5487 7262
Piggery Martins Road, Yarrawalla (map)
Possibly 'Western Plains Piggery' Gumley Road, Rokewood (map)
St Arnaud Piggery Unit 1 Sunraysia Highway, St Arnaud (map)
St Arnaud Piggery Units 2 & 3 Nelson Road, St Arnaud (map)
Stanhope Piggery Singer Road, Bamawm (map) (03) 5486 2360
Thomson Piggery Woods Road, Boolite (map)
Undera Piggery Madill Road, Undera (map)
Unknown Free Range Piggery Grahams Road, Mount Mercer (map)
Unknown Free Range Piggery Thomas Road, Inverleigh (map)
Unknown Free-range Piggery Crambs Road, Mount Bute (map)
Unknown Grower Piggery Crump Road, Quambatook (map)
Unknown Grower Piggery Bridgewater-Maldon Road, Bridgewater (map)
Unknown Grower Piggery Gnarwarre Road, Inverleigh (map)
Unknown Grower Piggery Pages Road, Pyramid Hill (map)
Unknown Grower Piggery Bendigo-Pyramid Road, Pyramid Hill (map)
Unknown Grower Piggery Terricks-Gunbower Road, Patho (map)
Unknown Piggery Miller Road, Rushworth (map)
Unknown Piggery F Rinaldis Road, Logan (map)
Unknown Piggery Murchison Road, Rushworth (map)
Unknown Piggery Matheson Road, Wyuna (map)
Unknown Piggery Adams Road, Laen East (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Sandhill Lake (map)
Unknown Piggery Traynors Lagoon Road, Traynors Lagoon (map)
Unknown Piggery Berriwillock-Birchip Road, Sutton (map)
Unknown Piggery Six Chain Road, Sandford (map)
Unknown Piggery Devon Park Road, Donald (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Gymbowen (map)
Unknown Piggery Yarrawalla South Road, Pyramid Hill (map)
Unknown Piggery Blacks Lane, Dumosa (map)
Unknown Piggery Day Lane, Macorna North (map)
Unknown Piggery Old Dookie Road, Pine Lodge (map)
Unknown Piggery Pine Lodge Road, Pine Lodge (map)
Unknown Piggery Pine Lodge Road, Pine Lodge (map)
Unknown Piggery Old Dookie Road, Pine Lodge (map)
Unknown Piggery Old Dookie Road, Pine Lodge (map)
Unknown Piggery Jeruk River North Road, Bunguluke (map)
Unknown Piggery Leitchville-Pyramid Road, Pyramid Hill (map)
Unknown Piggery Kow Swamp Road, Leitchville (map)
Unknown Piggery Kow Swamp Road, Leitchville (map)
Unknown Piggery Bowlands Road, Leitchville (map)
Unknown Piggery Murray Valley Highway, Yambuna (map)
Unknown Piggery Murray Valley Highway, Leitchville (map)
Unknown Piggery Goornong-Mayreef Road, Avonmore (map)
Unknown Piggery Kow Swamp Road, Leitchville (map)
Unknown Piggery Leitchville-Pyramid Road, Leitchville (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Brim (map)
Unknown Piggery Hercus Road, Calivil (map)
Unknown Piggery ANSETT Road, Patho (map)
Unknown Piggery ANSETT Road, Patho (map)
Unknown Piggery Dehne Road, Gunbower (map)
Unknown Piggery Dehne Road, Gunbower (map)
Unknown Piggery Dehne Road, Gunbower (map)
Unknown Piggery Leitchville South Road, Leitchville (map)
Unknown Piggery Murray Valley Highway, Leitchville (map)
Unknown Piggery Le Deux Road, Whroo (map)
Unknown Piggery Prairie-Rochester Road, Tennyson (map)
Unknown Piggery Junor Road, Woodstock West (map)
Unknown Piggery Hattens Lane, Durham Ox (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Watchupga (map)
Unknown Piggery Watchbox Creek Road, Molyullah (map)
Unknown Piggery Stannard Road, Watchupga (map)
Unknown Piggery Michael Road, Woomelang (map)
Unknown Piggery Elmore-Mitiamo Road, Milloo (map)
Unknown Piggery Mincha West Cohuna Road, Mincha West (map)
Unknown Piggery Hayden Lane, Macorna (map)
Unknown Piggery CHALKLEYS Road, Goornong (map)
Unknown Piggery Dullard Road, Lockington (map)
Unknown Piggery Roslynmead-Torrumbar Road, Torrumbarry (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Knowsley (map)
Unknown Piggery Tranter Road, Toolleen (map)
Unknown Piggery Kings Road, Norong (map)
Unknown Piggery Delaney Road, Mitchellstown (map)
Unknown Piggery Day Road, Yambuna (map)
Unknown Piggery Carrols Bridge Road, Gre Gre South (map)
Unknown Piggery Terricks-Gunbower Road, Patho (map)
Unknown Piggery Clays Road, Bagshot North (map)
Unknown Piggery Clays Road, Bagshot North (map)
Unknown Piggery Prairie-Rochester Road, Tennyson (map)
Unknown Piggery Strathallan Road, Lockington (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Lake Bolac (map)
Unknown Piggery Middle Road, Stanhope (map)
Unknown Piggery Wigg Road, Kyabram (map)
Unknown Piggery - Bernarro? McLeods Road, Beazleys Bridge (map)
Vella AL & D Broad Gully Road, Hurstbridge (map)
Willow Grove Farms Willow Grove Road, Trafalgar (map)
Wondaphil Pork Company Tragowel South Road, Tragowel (map)
Yuroke Piggery Mickleham Road, Yuroke (map)

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QLD (84)

A.J. Adriaans & Co Flats Road, Chelmsford (map)
Albar Piggery Unnamed Road, Dalby (map)
B J & M J McClelland Unnamed Road, Cooranga (map)
Bailey Creek Piggeries Burnett Highway, Mulgildie (map)
Bailey Creek Piggeries Airport Road, Mulgildie (map)
Banbridge Piggery , Bony Mountain (map)
Bannock Brae Meats Rifle Range Road, Millmerran (map)
Bellgrove Pork Memerambi Gordonbrook Road, Gordonbrook QLD Australia 4610 (map)
Bettafield Piggery Dawson Highway, Mount Murchison (map)
Bettafield Piggery Site 2 Dawson Highway, Callide (map)
Blanch L M & D Wondai Proston Road, Hivesville (map)
Blaxland Stud Piggery (Closed) Blaxland South Road, Dalby (map)
Brentwood Piggery Unnamed Road, Kaimkillenbun (map) (07) 4663 4106
Burnett Pork Alliance Mundubbera Durong Road, Boynewood (map)
Burnett Pork Alliance Hawkwood Road, Derri Derra (map)
Burnett Pork Alliance Hawkwood Road, Derri Derra (map)
C D & Y D Reid Ellesmere North Road, Haly Creek (map)
CEFN Breeder Unit #3 Toowoomba Karara Road, Leyburn QLD Australia 4365 (map)
CEFN Breeding Unit #1 Strathane Road, Ellangowan (map)
CEFN Breeding Unit #2 Unnamed Road, Leyburn (map) (07) 4697 3344
CEFN Piggery Gatton Clifton Road, Clifton (map)
D & G Banfield Guppys Road, Eureka (map)
D G & S J Farrawell Unnamed Road, Murgon (map)
D.J & D.J. Boge Piggery Red Hill Road, Chelmsford (map)
Dalmally Pty Ltd (Closed) Warner Street, Rosenthal Heights (map)
F Rosenberger Liesegangs Road, Crawford (map)
Freckle Farm Olletts Road, Brightly (map) (07) 4954 1724
Gjadick Pork McAllisters Road, Cushnie (map)
Glasshouse Country Farms Panna Road, Beerburrum (map)
Glenbrae Piggery Macks Road, Monto (map)
Glenley Piggery Vicary Road, Mareeba (map)
Gowland B Piggery Trouts Road, Crawford (map)
Green Oaks Piggery Turallin Road, Turallin (map)
Gunnado Piggery Unnamed Road, Monto (map)
Ken Hughes Junabee Road, Junabee (map)
Kratzmann J & R L Kratzmanns Road, Windera (map)
L B & L J Trout Trouts Road, Crawford (map)
Langford's Piggery Darley Crossing Road, Brooklands (map)
Lapunyah Piggery Unnamed Road, Lundavra (map)
Mclean Farms Piggery Unnamed Road, Scrubby Mountain (map)
Merivale Farms Gregory Street, Hendon (map)
Merlwood Piggery Gayndah Road, Merlwood (map)
Miandetta Piggery Cory Road, Junabee (map)
Moyness Piggery Lindenmayer Road, Yandilla (map)
Mungana Piggery MacAlister Bell Road, MacAlister (map)
P & J Taylor Piggeries Wigton Road, Woodmillar (map)
Palhara Piggery Roses Road, Grantham (map)
Pepperina Piggery Leichhardt Highway, Goondiwindi (map)
Peter Bleys Cridlands Road, Abbeywood (map)
Pinegrove Piggery Unnamed Road, Turallin (map)
Pj & Km Hinchlisse Burnett Highway, Bouldercombe (map)
Possibly 'Bettafield Piggery' Tan Drive, Prospect (map)
Possibly 'Volkers Piggery' Unnamed Road, Felton (map)
R And A Reid Luck Road, Inverlaw (map)
R Cairns Farmers Road, Abbeywood (map)
RD, BM, CB And HJ Heness Burnett Highway, Goomeri QLD Australia 4601 (map)
RD, BM, CB And HJ Heness Burnett Highway, Goomeri (map)
Reilly Pastoral Co Burtons Road, Murgon (map)
Reilly Pastoral Co Inglenton Frees Road, Pirrinuan (map)
Reilly Pastoral Co Crank Road, Mount Tyson (map)
Reilly Pastoral Company Unit 3 Warra Kogan Road, Brigalow (map)
Reilly-Glengallan Piggery Unnamed Road, Massie (map)
Roseleigh Piggery Deborah Road, Netherby QLD Australia 4650 (map)
Russell John And Mandy Jane Bishop Reidys Road, Wooroonden (map)
Sligo Piggery Bools Road, Jimbour East (map)
Summerhill Piggery Unnamed Road, Bowenville (map)
Tent Hill Piggery Ingoldsby Road, Ingoldsby (map)
Tong Park Piggery Module 1 Unnamed Road, Kogan (map)
Tong Park Piggery Module 2 Unnamed Road, Kogan (map)
Tong Park Piggery Module 3 Beelbee Road, Beelbee (map)
Tong Park Piggery Module 4 Unnamed Road, Kogan (map)
Unknown Piggery Gesslers Road, Oakdale (map)
Unknown Piggery Jackson Street, Nobby (map)
Unknown Piggery Piggery Road, Mitchell (map)
Unnamed Piggery Daguilar Highway, Coolabunia (map)
Unnamed Piggery Seib Road, Eumundi (map)
Unnamed Piggery Morgans Road, Windera (map)
Valera Piggery Valera Road, Scrubby Mountain (map)
Vilydo Piggery Murgon Gayndah Road, Windera (map)
Wattlebrae Piggery Gayndah Road, Windera (map)
WJ & SE Geaney Plant Hill Road, Reid River (map)
Wongalea Piggery Unnamed Road, Quinalow (map)
Woodlawn Piggery Purcell Road, Kalbar (map)
Yoshie Yamauchi Gore Highway, Westbrook (map)

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SA (108)

APFG Finishing Site Kepa Rd, Kepa SA 5253, Australia (map)
APFG S4 Unnamed Road, Burdett (map)
APFG S7 Unnamed Road, Tailem Bend (map)
APFG S7 Unnamed Road, Tailem Bend (map)
Aroora Enterprises Piggery Jarvis Road, Jervois (map) (08) 8535 8239
Balaklava High School Wallace Street, Balaklava (map)
Borderleen Piggery Koch Road, Taldra (map)
Bos Piggery Port Lorne Road, Avon (map)
Chapman George Pty Ltd Unnamed Road, Cooke Plains (map)
Coolangatta Trust Pigs And Cattle Hilltown Road, Hilltown (map)
Dublin Piggery Long Plains Road, Dublin (map)
Ettrick Piggery WINDY Hill Road, Riverton (map)
Finniss Park Piggery Mannum Road, Mannum (map) (08) 8522 5000
Gommers Piggery BRION Road, Jervois (map)
Idlebow Farm (Closed) Caroline Road, Yahl (map) (08) 8725 3177
Korunye Park Piggery Unnamed Road, Korunye (map)
Light Piggery Richters Road, Lower Light (map)
Lindham Piggery Port Lorne Road, Wild Horse Plains (map)
Ludale Piggery Redbanks Road, Reeves Plains (map)
McPiggery McMahon Bros Unnamed Road, Lameroo (map)
Minniribbie Farm - Free Range Piggery Snapper Hill Road, Wangary (map)
Murphey's Crossing Free Range Eggs 163 Wedding Road PINKERTON PLAINS 5400 SA (map)
Myora Piggery Unnamed Road, Glenburnie (map) (08) 8725 0411
Orland Hills Bacon Unnamed Road, Tailem Bend (map)
Poltalloch Piggery Princes Highway, Poltalloch (map)
Possibly 'McPiggery McMahon Bros' KOCH Road, Lameroo (map)
Possibly 'McPiggery McMahon Bros' Temby North Road, Parrakie (map)
Possibly 'McPiggery McMahon Bros' Bates Road, Parrakie (map)
Roseworthy Piggery Graingers Road, Wasleys (map)
Sabor Artificial Breeding Centre Quarry Road, Polish Hill River (map)
Saltlake Pork Lochiel-South Himmocks Road, Lochiel (map)
Schuster B R & C D Kuhlmann Road, Freeling (map)
Shea-Oak Log Piggery - Module 2 Heinjus Road, Shea-Oak Log (map)
Shea-Oak Log Piggery - Module 3 Lienert Road, Shea-Oak Log (map)
Shea-Oak Log Piggery - Module 4 Lienert Road, Shea-Oak Log (map)
Sheaoak Piggery Unnamed Road, Shea-Oak Log (map) (08) 8524 9057
Socom Piggery Snowtown-Koolunga Road, Snowtown (map)
Stud Piggery (exact Name Unknown) Flagstaff Road, Brinkley (map)
Tarlee Grow-out Site (Yelmah) HOGAN Road, Bethel (map)
Unknown Schubert Road, Cambrai (map)
Unknown Grower Piggery Unnamed Road, Culburra (map)
Unknown Grower Piggery Rocks Road, Balaklava (map)
Unknown Piggery Venning Road, Coonalpyn (map)
Unknown Piggery Goyder Highway, Taylorville (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Taylorville (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Taylorville (map)
Unknown Piggery Lunn Road, Markaranka (map)
Unknown Piggery Lewis Road, Culburra (map)
Unknown Piggery Jabuk South Road, Jabuk (map)
Unknown Piggery Bowyer Road, Owen (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Lameroo (map)
Unknown Piggery Nairn Road, Lameroo (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Parrakie (map)
Unknown Piggery Eden Valley-Moculta Road, Keyneton (map)
Unknown Piggery Salt Creek Road, Tepko (map)
Unknown Piggery Sullivan Road, Bordertown (map)
Unknown Piggery Bormann Road, Punthari (map)
Unknown Piggery (Closed) Unnamed Road, Cambrai (map)
Unknown Piggery Generals Corner Road, Jervois (map)
Unknown Piggery HAWKSNEST Road, Jervois (map)
Unknown Piggery Lyndoch Road, Gomersal (map)
Unknown Piggery Schuster Road, Freeling (map)
Unknown Piggery Stockport Road, Freeling (map)
Unknown Piggery (Closed) Naughtons Road, Woodside (map)
Unknown Piggery (Closed) Alexandrina Road, Strathalbyn (map)
Unknown Piggery (Closed) Mountain View Road, Monarto South (map)
Unknown Piggery Marrabel-Eudunda Road, Buchanan (map)
Unknown Piggery Braefoot Road, Burra (map)
Unknown Piggery Balaklava-Salter Springs Road, Balaklava (map)
Unknown Piggery Inkerman Road, Inkerman (map)
Unknown Piggery Balaklava-Salter Springs Road, Balaklava (map)
Unknown Piggery Neville Road, Balaklava (map)
Unknown Piggery Blyth Road, Condowie (map)
Unknown Piggery Wundke Road, Condowie (map)
Unknown Piggery Koolunga-Brinkworth Road, Koolunga (map)
Unknown Piggery Port Pirie-Port Broughton Road, Wandearah East (map)
Unknown Piggery Hunters Road, Lower Light (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Two Wells (map)
Unknown Piggery Longs Road, Woods Point (map)
Unknown Piggery Bower Boundary Road, Beatty (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Woodleigh (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Bugle Hut (map)
Unknown Piggery Angle Road, Brownlow (map)
Unknown Piggery Gordon Road, Pike River (map)
Unknown Piggery Parker Road, Pinery (map)
Unknown Piggery Minlaton Road, Port Vincent (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Sutherlands (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Bower (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Bower (map)
Unknown Piggery Spencer Highway, Mundoora (map)
Unknown Piggery Church Road, Alford (map) 08 8821 4033
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Coomandook (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Coomandook (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Coomandook (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Colebatch (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Coomandook (map)
Unknown Piggery Yarindale Road, Field (map)
Unknown Piggery Unnamed Road, Karoonda (map)
Unknown Piggery - Grower Only? Bumbunga Nantawarra Road, Bumbunga (map)
Unknown Piggery - Growers Bormann Road, Punthari (map)
Unknown-piggery Redbank Road, Cambrai (map)
Unnamed Piggery Bluebush Daisy Road, Wild Horse Plains (map)
Wasleys Piggery Unnamed Road, Pinkerton Plains (map) (08) 8525 4102
Wasleys Piggery Extra Modules Unnamed Road, Brinkley (map)
Wasleys Piggery Sow And Grower Module Unnamed Road, Pinkerton Plains (map)
Wasleys Tailem Bend Piggery Unnamed Road, Tailem Bend (map)
Wellington Piggery Richards Street, Wellington (map)
Yelmah Piggery Marshall Road, Magdala (map)

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WA (22)

Australind Piggery (Closed) Rosamel Road, Parkfield (map)
Craig Mostyn Farms - Gingin Telephone Road, Neergabby (map) 0439 529 165
Cuballing Pork Williams-Kondinin Road, Wardering (map)
GD Pork (growers) Corner of Albany Highway and Crapella Road BOSCABEL WA 6394 (map)
GD Pork Piggery Collins Road, Blythewood (map)
J & E Testerink Quairading-York Road, Cold Harbour (map) (08) 9641 1251
Kamarah Piggery 310 Wannamal Road West, Mindarra, Western Australia, Australia (map) (08) 9655 7007
Martup Hills Piggery Gorn Road, Mokup (map) (08) 9271 2844
Mindarra Piggery (module 1) Unnamed Road, Boonanarring (map)
Mindarra Piggery (module 2) Unnamed Road, Boonanarring (map)
Mindarra Piggery (module 3) , Boonanarring (map)
Mindarra Piggery (module 4) Unnamed Road, Boonanarring (map)
Mogumber Piggery Unnamed Road, Red Gully (map) 0439 529 165
Muresk University Piggery Spencers Brook York Road, Muresk (map)
Nambeelup Piggery Nambeelup Road, Nambeelup (map)
Narrogin Piggery Wanerie Road, Dumberning WA (map)
Peel Pork Piggery 93 Alexander Rd, Yarloop (map)
Pindari Piggery Thompson Road, Nirimba (map)
Sharklake Piggery Unnamed Road, Myrup (map)
Tralka Pty Ltd 567 Utley Road HOPELAND WA 6125 (map) (08) 9525 2487
Unknown Grower Piggery Wannamal Road West, Cullalla (map)
Unknown Piggery - Westpork Grower? Lange Road, Yilliminning (map)

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TAS (8)

Juniper Lea Piggery Bankton Road, Dairy Plains (map)
Oliver's Piggery (Closed) Racecourse Road, Winnaleah (map)
Scottsdale Pork Cuckoo Road, Cuckoo (map)
Tirrawarra Piggery Duffs Road, Riana (map)
Unknown Piggery Hillcrest Road, Pawleena (map)
Unknown Piggery Penna Road, Penna (map)
Unknown Piggery Winkleigh Road, Winkleigh (map)
Unknown Piggery 3905-3907 Meander Valley Rd, Exton TAS (map)

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