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    'Horrific, but legal': Undercover footage from abattoir shows animals being mistreated as they are pushed into gas chambers - as calls grow to put whistleblowers behind bars

    Thu 29 Aug 2019 by Alana Mazzoni (Daily Mail Australia)

    This article relates to the following facility: Picton Meatworx (Wollondilly Abattoir) (Aussie Abattoirs)

    • Footage shows pigs and goats being put inside carbon dioxide gas chambers 
    • It also appears to show workers twist cows' tails to force them to walk
    • The video was recorded by a university student on placement at the facility
    • The NSW Govt introduced fines of up to $220,000 for those who trespass farms 
    • The state government are now also seeking to add jail terms of up to three years 

    Undercover footage has been released from a Sydney slaughterhouse amid a NSW and Federal Government push to put activist whistleblowers behind bars. 

    The new footage was taken on a hidden body-camera by a university student on placement at a Sydney abattoir. 

    Animal rights groups Aussie Farms and Animals Within released the graphic 25-minute video, showing pigs and goats being forced into carbon dioxide gas chambers.

    It also shows a pig being shot at least eight times, and workers appearing to twist cows' tails to force them to walk into a knockbox...