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    Pigs found lying caged in their own waste; another with painful rectal prolapse

    Fri 27 Jun 2014 by Aussie Farms

    This article relates to the following facility: Deni Piggery (Aussie Pigs)

    Concluding their tribute to “Bacon Week”, animal advocacy organisation Aussie Farms have released material from yet another Australian pig farm.

    At Deni Piggery (Deniliquin NSW), sows were found lying in a thick build-up of their own faeces and urine, trapped inside small cages known as sow stalls. One sow trapped in a farrowing crate had a severe, bleeding, untreated rectal prolapse.

    Operations Director for Aussie Farms, Chris Delforce, said, “More horrific cruelty on Australian pig farms. Despite the industry spin and accusations that images like these have somehow been ‘set up’, the fact is that more and more consumers are starting to become aware of this dreadful treatment of sentient animals that the industry seems to think is okay. These are the exact sort of images that proposed ‘ag-gag’ laws seek to withhold from the public.”

    The footage and photos can be viewed at, along with 22 other Australian piggeries exposed over the last 2 years.