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    Fingers pointed after piggery case crumbles

    Fri 21 Nov 2014 by Joe McDonough, Oliver Watson, Jessica Cole (Yass Tribune)

    This article relates to the following facility: Wally's Piggery (Aussie Pigs)

    Aussie Farms' note: It is important to point out that nothing from Wally's Piggery was posted on social media or given to mainstream media until *after* the authorities had concluded their inspection. Going back through our Facebook timeline verifies this. It's also important to note that two activists *had* written statements relating to the gathering of the footage, but RSPCA refused to accept or use them.


    Animal Liberation NSW has refused to take the blame for the RSPCA's decision to drop its case against Wally's Piggery.

    In a statement the RSPCA said the footage captured by activists in 2012, wouldn't be permissible in a court case against owners Valent (Wally) and Stephanie Perenc.

    "We are disappointed that this footage was not lawfully substantiated by Aussie Pigs and/or Animal Liberation, who initially released the footage to the media instead of giving it directly to one of the enforcement agencies," the organisation said.

    They also said no one was willing to provide a statement.

    When contacted by the Tribune, Animal Liberation NSW spokesperson Emma Hurst said they were being unjustly targeted.

    She said no one had come forward to make a statement because the RSPCA wasn't going to use the footage anyway.

    "The RSPCA has said that it was our fault for not providing statements however the information they used for the court case is what they gathered when they arrived," she said.

    "So a statement on footage that was obtained illegally that they wouldnt take to court anyway wouldn't really be of any benefit to their court case whatsoever."

    Ms Hurst also argued that they did hand the footage over to authorities first.

    "...the statement saying we handed it directly to the media first is completely untrue," she said.

    Both parties claim they are bitterly disappointed about the result.

    Mr and Mrs Perenc's lawyer has not returned the Tribune's calls.