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Piggeries across Australia: A snapshot of the industry

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Light Piggery

Light Piggery

Location: Richters Road, Lower Light SA

Status: Open and operating

Light Piggery is a small grower-only piggery located at Lower Light, South Australia. Being grower-only, its purpose is to fatten pigs to slaughter weight, having received the pigs from a breeding or farrow-to-finish piggery. Light Piggery itself does not have any sows or piglets.

Pigs are kept indoors for the entire time, packed into wooden pens.

One pig had evidently died in the corner of a pen. Bones and insides of the pig were found spilling out into the aisle, with the remaining rotting flesh being eaten by other pigs, apparently having been left there for several days.

Further information about this facility may be available on the Aussie Farms Repository: Light Piggery

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