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Templemore Piggery

Templemore Piggery

Location: Unnamed Road, Murringo NSW
Owned by: Walker & Rowntree Family (Windridge Farms)

Status: Open and operating

Exposed by Animal Liberation ACT in December 2013, Templemore Piggery is a large farrow to finish pig farm in Murringo, near Young NSW, owned by Windridge. Templemore features a large, filthy group housing shed - the industry's new standard to eventually replace sow stalls.

Aside from the usual industry-wide issues such as high numbers of piglet mortality, extreme confinement for pregnant and lactating sows, mutilations carried out on piglets without pain relief, and general filth, there were a couple of other interesting/disturbing findings: sows with "Cull-Lame" and "DESTROY" spray-painted on their backs, and cut-outs of flying pigs suspended from the ceiling of the farrowing crate rooms as if to mock Animals Australia's Make It Possible campaign.

Further information about this facility may be available on the Aussie Farms Repository: Templemore Piggery

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