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Allain's Piggery

Allain's Piggery

Location: Blakney Creek Road, Blakney Creek NSW
Owned by: Allan & Elaine Howard

Status: Open and operating
Phone: (02) 6227 3110

Also known as Clear Hills Piggery. First exposed by Animal Liberation after the Wally's Piggery exposé in August 2012, activists returned in May 2013 to collect further visual evidence. A smaller pig farm than Wally's and Tennessee, it exhibits many of the same industry-standard problems.

Specifically, the most recent investigation into Allains piggery revealed the following observations:

  • Tails and teeth are cut without the use of anaesthetic. An electric cattle prod sits propped up against a wall, evidently used to move sows between the stalls and the crates.
  • The different housing for the pigs at different stages of their development or cycles is located mostly within one large shed complex.
  • Within the complex at least two large areas are devoted to sow stalls. In comparison to previous investigations the sow stalls within Allains piggery are of a smaller volume than what has been seen as typical within the industry.
  • Within the sow stalls, the sows are pressed shoulder-to-shoulder row upon row for the length of the shed, all structures in these areas are covered in a layer of filth. Suffering from open wounds due to their confinement, the sows within Allains Piggery will be forced to remain in their own excrement for 6-16 weeks.
  • Another area of the complex reveals a number of rows of farrowing crates, comparatively less than at other piggeries investigated; overall, the piggery is fairly small.
  • The greater portion of sows and piglets housed within the farrowing crate section suffer from injury and sickness as is illustrated in the footage.
  • An open effluent pit (a collection of faeces, urine and other waste) is located within the same room as the confined sows and piglets.
  • Within the farrowing crate room a layer of filth covers all surfaces, the corrugated tin walls are rusting away and the poles and piping throughout the area are home to a large population of spiders. Rats run freely along the aisles and pipes.

Business Details

  • A.B.N: 14 055 733 185
  • Family Partnership
  • Place of Business: 53 Blakney Creek Road, NSW, 2581
  • Trading Names:
    • A& E S Howard
    • A & E S Howard Rockdale

Further information about this facility may be available on the Aussie Farms Repository: Allain's Piggery

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