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Aroora Enterprises Piggery

Aroora Enterprises Piggery

Location: Jarvis Road, Jervois SA
Owned by: Davis family

Status: Open and operating
Phone: (08) 8535 8239

Aroora Piggery is a standard 500 sow farrow-to-finish pig farm in Jervois, SA. As of 2008 there was also a separate grow-out facility on a different site, however it is unknown whether this is still the case.

Unlike most intensive pig farms, Aroora Piggery does not appear to cut off the tails of the piglets, however they do still cut chunks out of their ears as a method of identification.

The sows are confined to small metal cages within farrowing crates for up to 6 weeks at a time, on hard concrete and metal floors; at least one was found living in her own excrement. In several farrowing crates, the water pipes above were dripping continuously onto the sows.

Pregnant sows are packed into small pens with wooden and metal floors.

Business Details

Entity type: Other Trust

Further information about this facility may be available on the Aussie Farms Repository: Aroora Enterprises Piggery

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