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CEFN Breeding Unit #2

CEFN Breeding Unit #2

Location: Unnamed Road, Leyburn QLD
Owned by: Jones family

Status: Open and operating
Phone: (07) 4697 3344

Exposed by Aussie Farms and Animal Liberation QLD in May 2014, this is one of three breeding facilities owned by CEFN near Clifton, Queensland. Between these three sites, CEFN confines 4000 sows to tiny metal and concrete cages within sow stalls and farrowing crates for the majority of their lives until they are no longer producing efficiently, at which point they are sent off to be slaughtered.

CEFN is owned by the family of Ian Jones, the former mayor of Clifton Shire. It is now run by his two sons, Andrew Jones and Marcus Jones. CEFN supplies the Pilton Valley Pork brand of pig meat.

CEFN supplies semen to a number of farms across the country, for the purpose of artificially inseminating sows.

Business Details

  • CEFN Genetics Pty Ltd
  • A.C.N: 104 002 002
  • A.B.N: 93104002002
  • Phone: (07) 4697 3344
  • Registered in: Queensland
  • Registration Date: 07/03/2003
  • Organisation is currently registered, limited by shares and a proprietary company
  • Principal Place of Business: 54 King Street, Clifton QLD 4361


  • Andrew David Jones
    • Born in Clifton QLD, 14/07/1966
    • Appointed 14/05/2007
  • Marcus Daniel Jones
    • Born in Clifton QLD, 09/03/1969
    • Appointed 14/05/2007


  • Marcus Daniel Jones
    • Born in Clifton QLD, 09/03/1969
    • Appointed 14/05/2007

Further information about this facility may be available on the Aussie Farms Repository: CEFN Breeding Unit #2

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