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Mindarra Piggery (module 1)

Mindarra Piggery (module 1)

Location: Unnamed Road, Boonanarring WA
Owned by: Westpork Pty Ltd

Status: Open and operating

Mindarra Piggery, owned by Westpork, is the largest pig farm in Western Australia. The piggery is comprised of four separate modules. Module 1 is a 950 sow breeder unit containing sows and piglets from 0 to 3 weeks of age. Pig housing comprises four conventional sheds and converted deep litter sheds.

Modules 2 and 4 (located between 1 and 3) are grow-out facilities. Module 2 contains 120 deep litter weaner/finisher sheds, which are gradually being decommissioned as new housing is built at the Mindarra 4 site.

Module 3 is an 1100 sow multiplier unit, with some pigs kept until finisher age. Pig housing comprises of four conventional sheds and three eco-shelters.

Module 2 was raided by authorities in 2007 after a complaint from Animal Rights Advocates (ARA). The charges were dropped two years later due to legal technicalities. In 2013, Westpork was fined $225000 for failing to euthanise 10 sick pigs at one of the two grow-out modules.

Module 1 was investigated by activists in mid 2014. Sows were found confined to metal cages in farrowing crates, one with a painful prolapse; numerous sick and dead piglets were found, some in the farrowing crates, others in buckets; a broken water pipe continuously sprayed cold water on sows and piglets who were unable to move away; several rats were seen amongst the pigs; and other issues typical of Australian pig farming were uncovered, such as the mutilation (tail and ear cutting) of piglets without anaesthetic or pain relief.

Further information about this facility may be available on the Aussie Farms Repository: Mindarra Piggery (module 1)

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