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Piggeries across Australia: A snapshot of the industry

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Nambeelup Piggery

Nambeelup Piggery

Location: Nambeelup Road, Nambeelup WA
Owned by: Craig Mostyn Farms

Status: Open and operating

Nambeelup Piggery is a medium-sized farrow-to-finish farm approximately 70km south of Perth. One of the farrowing sheds was investigated in mid 2014. As is typical in many Australian pig farms, sows are confined to small cages on hard metal floors for weeks at a time, with their dead piglets left nearby.

Business Details


  • David Lock, Chief Executive Officer
  • Mark Wray, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary
  • Andrew Mostyn, Executive Director
  • Greg Lott, General Manager (Rendering & Protein)
  • Peter James, General Manager (CM Food)
  • Ron Penn, General Manager (Meat & Livestock)
  • Julie Cox, General Manager (Business Development)
  • More details including photos and short biographys at:

Board of Directors

Further information about this facility may be available on the Aussie Farms Repository: Nambeelup Piggery

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