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Wally's Piggery

Wally's Piggery

Location: Unnamed Road, Jeir NSW
Owned by: Wally Perenc

Status: Closed by Animal Liberation ACT and NSW, and pressure from the Australian public

The piggery was found to be in breach of many state laws; additionally, the farm was in complete filth and disrepair, with many piglets and sows (mother pigs) suffering injuries or death due to beatings by employees, the crumbling structure, and a high prevalence of disease. The practices used by the employees, such as cutting the tails and teeth of all piglets without the use of anaesthetic, are accepted by the industry and are standard across Australia. The process is often carried out ineffectively, leaving painful and bloody stumps, and tails were found in the stalls. The equipment, including needles for iron injection, are not cleaned or sterilised between uses.

Sows showed signs of distress and malnourishment including chewing on the metal bars of their tiny stalls in which they are unable to turn around (and some, due to their size and injuries, have difficulty standing up). Dead piglets had been left in the stalls with their mothers for so long they had started to decompose.

The owner kills pigs in the on-site slaughter room by beating them multiple times with a sledgehammer (no captive bolt or stun gun was used, nor were any found on the property), or shooting the larger pigs, then hacking at their throats, and leaving to casually talk to his employees while the pigs slowly die from blood loss. Some take upwards of six minutes from the first hit before they stop screaming and thrashing. Meanwhile, the employees who assist with the post-death process of hoisting the pig into a tank of scalding water, removing hair with a blowtorch, cutting off the head with a knife, shackling and butchering the body are seen drinking beers on the job as early as 7:20am.

Following a day of slaughter, the pigs' remains are left in a wheelbarrow (with excess piled onto the ground) for days on end, where they were seen being eaten by other pigs and the diseased and malnourished stray cats living on the property.

This is not a "rogue operator". This is Australian pig farming - and it's where your bacon, pork and ham comes from.

Business Details

  • A.C.N: 096 953 301
  • Phone: 0262275668
  • Incorporated in: Australian Capital Territory
  • Registration Date: 29/05/2001
  • A.B.N: 40 096 953 301
  • Organisation is currently registered, limited by shares and a proprietary company
  • Place of Business: Wally's Piggery Lo t 101 Dog Trap via Yass NSW 2582


    • Born: 15/07/1955 - CAKOVEC CROATIA
    • Born: 12/02/1949 - MALA SUBOTICA SERBIA


    • Born: 15/07/1955 - CAKOVEC CROATIA

Share Structure

  • Number of shares: 2
  • Shareholders:

Further information about this facility may be available on the Aussie Farms Repository: Wally's Piggery

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