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Wongalea Piggery

Wongalea Piggery

Location: Unnamed Road, Quinalow QLD
Owned by: Andrew Reilly

Status: Open and operating

Wongalea Piggery in Quinalow QLD was exposed by Animal Liberation ACT in October 2013 with the release of covertly-obtained photos and footage depicting the same industry-standard cruelty seen earlier at Wally's Piggery, Allain's Piggery, Tennessee Piggery, Lansdowne Piggery, Strathvean Piggery, Boen Boe Piggery and Pine Park Piggery.

At Wongalea Piggery QLD, sows are confined to tiny metal cages within 'farrowing crates', where they are kept for six weeks at a time before their babies are taken from them and they are moved off to be forcefully reimpregnated once more. In these filthy hard-floored crates, piglets were found dead and dying, after having their tails, teeth and ears cut without pain relief, as is standard in the Australian pig farming industry.

Business Details

  • Reilly Pastoral Co Pty Ltd
  • A.C.N: 097 309 665
  • Registered in: Queensland
  • Registration Date: 28/6/2001
  • A.B.N: 19097309665
  • Organisation is currently registered, limited by shares and a proprietary company
  • Place of Business: 39 Volker Street, DALBY QLD 4405


  • Andrew Reilly
    • Born in Toowoomba QLD


  • Andrew Reilly
    • Born in Toowoomba QLD

Share Structure

  • Number of shares: 2
  • Shareholders:
    • Andrew Reilly
      39 Volker Street, DALBY QLD

Further information about this facility may be available on the Aussie Farms Repository: Wongalea Piggery

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